Our Delegate Reviews 



MSc Graduate & Business Owner

“I’ve learnt so much from this programme, really looking forward to sharing my new knowledge”


The Guinness PartnershipSafety Professional

The online course was absolutely fantastic! I hammered it out in a day whilst my advisor spaced his out over 3 – 4 sittings. The course was full of useful videos from the trainer, TED Talks, presentations and assessments at the end of each section to verify learning and understanding. The course truly inspired me and revived my love for health safety and changing behaviours. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who is short of time (and budget) to be away from the office


Front Line Supervisor

Excellent course all round. Highly recommended to all those who want to make a positive impact in safety”



Business Owner

We both had this buzz of energy and excitement about the course and the future direction of our training.  Your teaching methods and theories that we learned….We just did not want the course to end!