Residual Impact of Training

Training is a large part of professional development, creating a residual impact of training may enhance this development. Training is one way workplace skills are built and new competencies create new opportunities. Many training programs start with a list of goals or learning outcomes; everything you should know when you finish the training. Depending on the […]



How To Capture Knowledge

Creating systems can help you save some of your most important knowledge. Recently I was told a story about a department head at a university who suddenly passed away. She didn’t leave her predecessor any notes or slides. With her died a wealth of knowledge that will never be recovered. This challenge is common. Instead […]



You want Elite Performance?

Over the summer I’ve had the time to talk with people from varied backgrounds across different working environments who are passionate about achieving excellence in their respective fields.  The conversation always comes round to how best they can influence or change a key behaviour or habit that will then translate into maximised performance. Often, we […]



All you leaders out there. Imagine if…?

All you leaders out there….Imagine if people in your organisation could do things exactly the way you wanted them to, automatically, without the need for you to constantly check on them or even issue orders. Sound good? This cracking little animated film is all about leadership and how to communicate your “intent” rather than having […]



The “Special One” and our Emotional Needs!

I’ve recently just watched a fascinating documentary about the “Special One” that is Jose Mourinho and how he manages to generate a unique atmosphere at the Clubs he has managed. He has enjoyed remarkable success in Portugal, England, Italy and Spain too by creating a new Culture very quickly within his working environment. Just how […]

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